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One Year of Pure Happiness!

Clark and I had our one year anniversary on May 7th.  I can still see his face as I was walking down the isle at 5:10 on May 7, 2011 in my beautiful white dress, barefoot, and happy as can be.  (Disclosure: there is one little secret to this part…right before I began walking down the isle I find out Clark does not have my wedding bands? What? I am freaking now.  Suzanne lubes up my finger slips her wedding band on my finger then tosses the ring to the wedding planner to take down to Jonathan, the best man.  Wow, I know right.  Well, needless to say it all worked out I ended up really marrying Bruce White, haha.  It is fun to watch back the video and see the smirk I give Clark as he slips Suzanne’s wedding band onto my finger.  You can also hear in the video all the wedding rings from the bridal party that the pastor is holding out for Clark to choose from…priceless!)  Clark and I chose not to see each other before the wedding; we wanted to have that first look of him seeing me walking down the isle toward him to be his wife.  He also chose to know absolutely nothing about my dress and he would not even let me show him me in a different white dress.  He was dead set on being traditional.  Clark cared about nothing but my happiness when it came to our wedding and our marriage.  He was a little different than most fiances; he would give me his input if I asked, but if I din’t ask he didn’t say anything about my plans.  I was kind of this way with my mother-in-law; she was so happy and complete planning our wedding and giving her everything to her only son and new daughter.  We had a man come and make an AU sign with a tiger in the sand with a parrot on his shoulder the entire time.  A little over the top you say?  I know right, but nothing was over the top to my new mother when it came to me and Clark and making this the most unforgettable day of our lives.  Yet again, I am rambling and babbling about our wedding day, but like I said she did everything she could to make it unforgettable and that it was.  A year later I am still in awe over the entire day, better yet the week we had at the beach and the honeymoon to follow: the reception at Colbat, the beautiful bridesmaids luncheon, getting our nails and toenails done, the fun reception, the beautiful wedding night at the amazing Magnolia Inn, and flying to Mexico to spend the best week of my life carefree and ecstatic with the man of my dreams.

A year later a lot of things have changed all in good ways if you take the positive out of everything.  That is what I am trying to do with my life because I have this amazing man who is always positive beside me cheering me on.  In the past year

  • I got a new job teaching at Lincoln High School
  • Clark got a promotion
  • my photography business is picking up
  • I started selling Mary Kay
  • We bought a new house
  • We have a contract on our house that we have been trying to sell for a year
  • I got a Yukon Denali (a future mommy car no time soon :))
  • We got a new member of the family Duke; AKA Dukie Man, Duke Almighty, Duke Mighty Man, yeah yeah they keep going
  • My sister is having a baby (we find out what on Friday :))
  • Tyler had Bella and oh man is she precious
I can keep going…we have one bad that I can turn into a positive and that is loosing the woman who made it all happen Donna Clark my mother-in-law, but turning it into a positive as my husband would; she is much happier and healthier in her new home, HEAVEN!
Finally getting to my point of this post we sat down on May 7th and did the traditional eating of the cake, YUCK!  We had to go and get the top part of our cake out of Donna’s freezer and we shared that moment with our two pigs, AKA bulldogs.  My husband also surprised me with a camera bag from www.epiphaniebags.com that I have been wanting.  It is awesome!!!  Anyway, I am going to stop rambling and share a few photos with you starting with our wedding last year and working to eating our YUMMY cake (NOT)!
The over the top but awesome AU sign!
Walking down the isle, that special moment 🙂
She was so happy
All of her devoted planning paid off
Honeymoon Night
Our beautiful honeymoon suite
Escape to Mexico, El Dorado Royal
Out infinity pool on our balcony
Honeymoon Casita 🙂
A Year Later:
My Camera Bag, which I LOVE
Eating our cake!
Oh Yummy, NOT
No worries, if the cake did hurt us the pups were on stand by, see…
I mean come on…what do you do with this thing.
Sorry this post was so long…I just really had a lot to cover and say!!!


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