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DIY Easy Fall Burlap Wreath!

Okay, I promised that I would do a detailed post on how to make this really easy fall wreath using burlap and a wooden letter. First, let me say this is the first time I have ever done a DIY style post; therefore, it will probably have a few things wrong with it, but I am trying.  Also, all photos were taken by me (Candace Gary) with CB Photo & Design, I will be referencing two other blogs during my DIY they are Craftaholics Anonymous for burlap flowers and Billie Monster for free chevron templates. Alrighty, lets get started!

You are going to need a:stick wreath of choice.  I got mine at Hobby Lobby.
A wooden letter, Paint, Water, Paper Towels, Pencil, Ruler, and Paint brushes…you can get this stuff at Micheals or Hobby Lobby.
Burlap, hot glue gun, felt, string, and a towel (just to help not make to much of a mess)

Using the chevron templates from Billie Monster you can decide what size chevron you would like to use on your letter.  Then cut the template out and use your pencil to mark your design.

Then decide on what colors you would like to use for your chevron design.  I used these colors for my sisters wreath because she is an Alabama Football fan (not me 😉 War Eagle).

After you finish painting your colors let it dry a little while you are working on your burlap flowers.  In this picture I hadn’t painted the sides yet.  You can choose to paint the sides of the letter with a paint brush or a paint pen.  I used a paint pen because it was way easier.

Cut out the size you want your flower to be in felt like below.  Then, you will need 1 to 1.5 inch thick burlap strips.  The longer the burlap strip the bigger your flower can be.  If you want a clean cut flower that looks like a rose follow Craftaholics Anonymous’s blog post on how to do that.  If you want more of a messy look like my flowers then you do not need to hot glue the edges of your burlap strips.

You fold your 1 to 1.5 inch strip in half and start rolling it for the center of the flower.  After you do that you can either start rolling the burlap around the center like the Craftaholics Anonymous blog says to do or in order to get the more messy look like mine I start making a petal look by loosely making petals and holding tight to the flower.

I made three flowers for this wreath, but that is all up to preference.  I made a wreath for myself that I only did one large flower.  Then, you will need to hot glue your flower to your felt piece.  I also decided to brush a little paint on these flowers to match the letter.  You can do that with some acrylic paint.

While letting the flowers dry from the acrylic paint take an extra strip of burlap about 2 to 2.5 inches thick and wrap it around the wreath like so. I ran out of burlap for this wreath so I decided to leave a space open where I would have the letter on the right of the wreath.

You can put your letter and flower on the wreath however you prefer, but this is my method so that in case I want to take it off this wreath and use it else where nothing is messed up.  Take the string and cut long enough strips for it to tie a nice bow around the wreath.  Using your hot glue gun glue the string to the back of the letter and flowers like below.

Finally tie them to the wreath were you would like them.

Voila you are done and it is so easy!!!!

linda @ craftaholics anonymous - Love your wreath! The chevron and rosettes are perfect! Thanks for linking to my tutorial! I appreciate that!
happy crafting,

cgary2012 - Thank you for the tutorial and the sweet comment!

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