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Okay, it is time for me to finally post some pictures.  We have had so many out of town relatives and things ask us to please post pictures of the house.  Clark and I are so grateful that we were blessed with our dream home.  May 11th was the first night we spent in our new home and we steadily moved and moved and moved it felt like for the past month.  We did not have a normal move; let me explain.  First, we had two storage units with furniture and other items.  One storage unit belonged to us and our personal items that we had to take out of our old house in Chelsea so that we could list it.  Then, we had Clark’s mother’s storage unit we had to clean out and she had items stored in McCorkindale  in Birmingham behind the summit.  Then, we had to clean out our house and move everything to the new house.  Finally, we had to clean our and move everything from my mother-in-law’s house.  Luckily, Clark and I have amazing friends who were willing to help.  Thank you to, Tyler and Jonathan Till, April and Todd Watson, Jennifer and Josh Tubbs, Chris and Melissa Ray, Brittanni and Brandon Brown, Suzanne and Bruce White, Meagan and Jacob Epperson, Sandy and Jeff Freeman, Kim and JC Mitchell, and our amazing Realtor Theresa Dodd.  (Just a little side note: If you are looking for a realtor this woman is AMAZING!  She sold Clark’s mother’s condo within 3 days of being on the internet).

As you can see we have been cleaning and moving for the past month in a half because in the mean time of moving we had to work our jobs, sale two houses, close on two houses, unpack, clean, sort, sale, etc.  I am proud to say we are so close to being done with all of it.  I have my dining room left, Clark’s “Man Cave”, and the garage left to sort out.  This is nothing compared to where we started.  Clark and I have been planning to go on a anniversary trip since May 7th :(.  We are planning to go sometimes soon and get away.  We have been so busy and wrapped up in our life changing events that we just keep putting it off.  We were looking at going to St. Lucia, Hawaii, and even just Destin, FL.  Hopefully we will figure all that our soon.

I have been putting off completing my dining room because we ordered new dining room furniture from I.O. Metro and it was on backorder until the end of June.  I am so excited and ready to get it.  Once I have that the inside of the house will be complete.  Then, I will begin working on completing the studio/man cave outside.  Then, finally we will sort through and organized the garage.  (This is where my husband loves to stay…his race car is out there if that clears anything up).  Okay, I just wanted to give you a little back ground before I shared a few photos.  Keep in mind while looking at these photos that nothing is really complete.  We are getting all then walls painted different colors, putting in plantation shutters on all the windows.  This will make a big difference I believe.  I am not going to post a photo of the dinning room, man cave, or garage because those are incomplete.

Here you go!

You have to click on the thumbnail to make it larger. There was just to many photos to insert them individually.

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