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This is going to be an emotional but happy post, so get ready.  First, if you know me, which you should if you are reading my blog or have a basic idea of who I am.  Then, you know that I am very much in love with my amazing husband and recently we had to say goodbye to his mother.  The amazing, courageous, beautiful, and unforgettable Donna Clark.  I have posted about my wedding that took place last year on many occasions about how much fun it was and how it was a dream come true.  I will never be able to stop saying that the wedding never would have taken place and been mine and Clark’s perfect day if it wouldn’t have been for my angel of a Mother-in-Law.  Some things are very private and I completely agree with that.  However, I want to let everyone in on a mother/son relationship you can almost not dream up.  Donna was a very strong and independent woman and she raised Clark to be an upstanding man and a strong man at that.  He is so much like his mother it is almost unbelievable.  She was a very independent woman and she never relied on anyone for anything, except her pride and joy Clark that is :)!  They went through thick and thin together and she was always there for him and he was always there for her.  They spent about 75 percent of their time together because they worked together at Russo Corporation as well.  They were not only mother and son, but they were great friends.  There would be times I was around and they would be talking in “their talk” and I wouldn’t really have any idea what they were talking about (typical :)).  It was so sweet to watch and you can ask Clark anytime and he is not ashamed to say he is 150% a momma’s boy.  Again, I will say Clark is such a strong person all because of his mother.  Below, I am going to share with you a few photos of a very personal moment that Clark had, but it was bittersweet.  He was happy to be fulfilling his mother’s wishes of being spread at sea, but of course he misses her everyday.  I know she has many friends who are reading this blog and I know they would love to see this beautiful moment and reminisce on their memories with Donna.  We love and miss you everyday, but we are so glad that you are no longer in pain and in your happy place on the beach in heaven :)!!!


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