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Beach Bums 2012

Clark and I had the privilege to go to the beach with some friends which we consider family.  Get ready for this because it is going to get confusing.  We are connected to the Watsons and the Tills because my sister is April Watson and she is married to Todd Watson whose sister is Tyler Till.  Her husband is Jonathan Till whom is like  a brother to my husband.  They grew up together went to Monroe Academy in Monroeville, Alabama.  Graduated and moved to Auburn,  Alabama together.  Then, they moved to Chelsea and lived five miles from one and other there as well.  Therefore, as you can see they have been attached at the hip since high school.  Then, Terry and Tony; Todd and Tyler’s parents are like parents to Clark and I.  They are always there for us and we love them dearly.  See, I told you that was going to get confusing.

Now that I have all that out of the way.  We recently went to the beach and stayed with them at the Four Seasons in Orange, Beach.  It was a great time and we had a blast hanging out and just being with family.  However, 🙁 my poor Clark was sick with a Viral Infection while we were there.  He had to lay around in the condo the whole time.  I felt really sorry for him.  We still ended up getting a few great pictures though right around sunset time.  Here are a few…



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